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Traversing the continuously evolving terrain of the 401(k) market can be a significant challenge. Whether you are in the business of retirement planning, or you advise a few plans, the retirement landscape is complex and convoluted.

Would you set out to climb Mt. Everest without the appropriate tools and equipment? Of course not.

Our firm has been investing for private and institutional retirement plans for over 30 years. And now, we are using the same investment philosophy and parallel allocations to provide advisors, third party administrators and record keepers a different, comprehensive solution to offer to employers and their employees.

BCM DynamicBelay® QDIA Target Date Collective Investment Funds (CIFs)

The BCM DynamicBelay Target Date Funds seek to provide a dynamic, transparent and cost-effective 401(k) solution to qualified retirement plans. These strategies put equal emphasis on growth and capital preservation, while seeking to actively manage risk.

Since a large portion of the equity exposure is tactical and can go to cash if markets are failing, our investment approach seeks to maintain more equity exposure throughout a participant’s career and avoid large losses in bear markets. We use tactical in our fixed income allocations as well, which can also go to cash in a rising interest rate environment.

BCM’s philosophy, which is the foundation of all BCM strategies, is centered on the premise that growth is important, but avoiding large market losses is critical.

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BCM’s Approach

Through the use of strategic and tactical allocations for both equity and fixed income, passive and active management, we strive to provide the best of both worlds – participation and preservation.

Strategic + Tactical = Dynamic

Dynamic = Participation + Preservation

BCM DynamicBelay QDIA Target Date Funds

To learn more about the BCM DynamicBelay Target Date Funds, please contact Bill Wise, BCM’s senior retirement consultant, or register/login to our Advisor Portal.

BCM Standalone CIFs

BCM U.S. Sector Rotation CIF 

BCM Decathlon Growth Tactics CIF 


The BCM DynamicBelay QDIAs are…

  • Utilizing strategic and tactical management seeking to provide both growth and capital preservation.
  • Among the lowest cost options in the QDIA and Target Date Fund marketplace.
  • Suitable for participants as a default option according to their age, but also allow participants to opt-in and select the risk level that best meets their circumstances.
  • Fully transparent including current holdings, asset allocation over time and expenses—all information is readily available at your convenience unlike many other fund providers. To gain access, click here.
  • Managed through the lens of the advisor and participants alike. The firm has been advising and investing for retirement plans and individuals for decades using similar allocations and investment processes.
  • Aligned with the employer and employees objectives and can help differentiate the investment palette offered to your clients.


What makes you different in the eyes of your plan sponsors?

Help your client’s keep calm when markets go through a period of failure with a new kind of TDF.

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Dynamic Belay:

A mountaineering technique in which a guide helps to protect a climber from a long fall by adjusting the tension on a safety rope.

BCM QDIA Portfolios:

Portfolios that seek to dynamically adjust allocations to provide participation in healthy markets and to help avoid large market declines.