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Smart Beta by itself still exposes investors to the volatility and drawdown of the broad market. What if there was a way to use smart beta ETFs to pursue alpha and still defend against large market losses? Our newly launched Paradigm Series is engineered to do just that.

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Seeking to achieve yield 3 ways – you choose.

Interest rates are the lowest they have been in over 40 years, so many bond managers are looking to more risky asset classes for yield. But what if interest rates rise? Is your bond manager ready? We offer 3 approaches seeking to capture growth, yield and defend against rising interest rates. Don’t forget, bonds have bear markets too!

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Out with the old, in with the new. TDFs redesigned.

As an industry, we’ve learned there are many shortcomings of the first generation of TDFs. The DOL agrees and so do we. The BCM DynamicBelay® TDFs: lower cost, real defense, clients first.

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More than 300 years of collective industry experience and investment expertise.


The ability to adjust allocations and make trades on an efficient, accurate and timely basis.


Decisions based on fundamental investing strategies and rules-based, quantitative systems.

At Beaumont Capital Management, we have helped our clients traverse the market’s peaks and valleys using a combination of fundamental investment strategies and proprietary quantitative systems designed to seek loss avoidance against large market swings. We deliver this risk-mitigating approach through a range of products that seek to meet investors’ varying needs and risk-tolerances—all built on simple, low-cost ETF portfolios.


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