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Take a look at this recent article featuring David M. Haviland, Portfolio Manager and Managing Partner, discussing the importance of removing emotion from investment decisions, and sharing how the BCM U.S. Sector Rotation strategy does this.

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Passive vs. Active vs. Tactical - What's the difference?

On this 10 minute podcast with, you can learn how an active (tactical) manager like BCM uses ETFs to deliver what investors expect™ – growth in good times, defense in bad times.

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Why It’s (Not) Different This Time in 401k Investing. Whenever the phrase “this time it’s different” is uttered, the market proves us wrong …always.

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A Bird's Eye View - The BCM Blog

Financial Literacy Month is officially underway. BCM wants to use this as an opportunity to help you educate your clients. Visit BCM’s Blog, A Bird’s Eye View, throughout April to find educational content on various basic financial literacy topics over the course of the month.

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People invest to grow their money. All BCM strategies are seeking to participate in the markets and provide growth as their primary objective.


Our strategies seek to get defensive by raising cash, allocating to different asset classes or geographies or using other defensive mechanisms.


We use disciplined systems that make investment decisions based on data-driven research, investment rules and market trends – not based on emotion.

Growth Strategies with a Rules-based, Defensive Approach

Beaumont Capital Management’s (BCM) growth strategies have helped our clients traverse the market’s peaks and valleys using proprietary quantitative systems designed to seek loss avoidance against large market swings.

BCM’s rules-based, growth strategies deliver a risk-mitigating approach through a range of products that seek to meet investors’ varying needs and risk-tolerances—all built with simple, low-cost ETFs.


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Massive structural changes have occurred in the bond markets.

Should you be concerned? Read our latest update.


Bond Markets 2017

Gibberish? Maybe.

To kick-off financial literacy month, BCM defines some common terms that are often misunderstood.


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As seen in Investor's Business Daily...

Portfolio Manager David M. Haviland discusses the importance of using a manager that makes the buy AND sell decisions.

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